Saturday, August 21, 2010

Black Copper Monster Marble Pair & Red Dragon!!!

Maskot Crowntail
Very stunning colour as you can see from the below picture and active. Going to give off this piece with cheap price to clear some jar

$30   - $20

Copper Mustard Gas going to let go this wonderful piece.

Black Copper Monster Marble Pair

His pattern getting nicer day by day really love it!!!

This will be a wonderful pair for me

This will be the female for him female also have very nice pattern and finnage!!

This batch of Red Dragon grow more faster than the others... Just 1 month 2 weeks..Mask just started to develope..Pic no.1 have 8 rays, damn flare to the camera and have great potential to be show grade pieces... Just capture 2 piece of the batch more to come hope you guys like its.

1) Red Dragon HMPK (8rays)

2) Red Dragon HMPK

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