Wednesday, December 1, 2010


All will be given a big discount i had no choice to sell them off at cheap prices because i am seriously running out of places for the up coming batch. All are ready to breed just 4month old very active and flare always. So hurry up while you can.
  Here is the listed fishs.

Maskot Crowntail
Very stunning colour as you can see from the below picture and active. Going to give off this piece with cheap price to clear some jar

$30   - $20

Red Dragon Hmpk
1)     Platinum Red Dragon Hmpk
$35   to $30
Only can give a small discount to this fish because he is a good quality piece

2)   Platinum Red Dragon Hmpk
$30 to $25
This one already build thick layer of bubble nest, mean he is ready to breed

3)   Platinum Red Dragon Hmpk
$25 to $ 20
This is a very unique pieces as you can see he is only half masked, his finnage spread was good also

5)   Platinum Red DragonHmpk
this piece have very shinning masked and is 98% masked

7) Purple Mustard Gas ButterflyHmpk ( yellow lavender)
$40 to $30
With his quality he should be a $40 to $45 fish for me.
For serious buyer only

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