Monday, June 20, 2011

New Generation of my lavender hmpk line

Selling them individually and also in package.
If you take all 4 of them will be giving out for $80, so it more worth to buy in a package :)

Leave a msg at the chat box if interested. Had been working quite some time on my lavender line this is f1. and yet already shown nice finnage development :). Only 3month very young fish and butterfly will be cover the finnage as it get older :).
For Sale
$40   - $30

Lavender Hmpk female
4rays female, nice finnage 3month old now :)
Pair her up with the male above :)

Lavender Hmpk
3month old, very young so will be easy for him to hit hmpk :) 4 rays
Selling him cheap as his size is slightly smaller :)

Lavender Hmpk Female
Very young, 3month 4 rays nice finnage development
For Sale
(sold) to lias nice to meet him :)

Pair her up with any of the male above :)

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