Friday, September 7, 2012

Fancy Marble Hmpk

Big Ears Turquoise Ohmpk
Spent my weekend on capturing some photo of this male. He has a muscular body, nice pointing forward dorsal fin, broad and stable fins(ears) and its character is fierce enough as you can see from the picture below. Hope you guy like it as much as i did. Cheers :D

Fancy Marble Hmpk
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Love its flaring posture and its pointing forward dorsal fin, which makes it looks so attractive when it comes to flare. Since it's a fancy marble its colour pattern will keep on changing, it's great to see and enjoyable to see your betta changing its colour pattern from time to time. :D

 Fancy Dragon Hmpk
Varieties of colours on its body. It will produces you fully masked green dragon and also some fancy dragon. Strong hmpk gene, colour pattern will also from time to time. :D

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