Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Precious White

 Happy Chinese New Year
Will be selling off some of my bettas in cheap prices.
2-red dragon hmpk for $40
1-green hmpk $15
1-white hmpk $30

If you take all of them you will have special prices for $70 for 5. For picture viewing please ask me from my email.

White Platinum Hmpk

Just love the way he flare, Pure line white platinum Hmpk he also has very clean body and well balance finnage with pointing forward dorsal fin and very aggressive. Below are the video to show how nicely he is during flare especially for me. Ignore the red dots on it caudal it is not black dots it is actually due to accident during cleaning the tank.
Hope you guys like it =)
This is the photo taken by the professional. This picture shown that there is no black dots


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