Thursday, February 10, 2011


Show Quality Fishes for me
[Just For Show]
This will be my first time posting halfmoon at my blog, now was started to work with halfmoon more then hmpk. 
This is my most favourite halfmoon, was only 2.5 month old and already show great potential on finnage and colour developement both of them come from the same parents Below is the video to show how attractive it is. Cheers :)
Fancy Halfmoon
My most favourite collection, just love it i hope your guys will like it too cheers
Green Pastel Halfmoon, love this piece too it  has clean and nice colour. An unique fish i would said. Still got plenty of place for him to develope on his finnage into 180 degree it was only 2.5 month old.Hope you guys like him too. Cheers

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