Friday, May 20, 2011

PLATINUM BLACK DRAGON HMPK & Skyhawk Extended red hm lines

More of my bettas to come just no time to take pictures...maybe after few more days when i was free will post one of the most demanding betta nowaday which is the platinum black dragon hmpk from banleang & also from bobby. Bobby line is 100% platinum and full head :). Expecting for the f1 from bobby line and also banleang :).
From banleang line.

Just for show

I purchase him because of his awesome finnage and also it colour. His overall performance is excellent! A great breeder!

Love this line so much, only 3 month old now and already show great potential and both colour and finnage especially the dorsal fin. Very healthy and active fishes. Like to flare with finger :).

Super Red Skyhawk hm
2.5 month old, show quality fishes
Just for show :)

This is another even stunning male early batch of the above male, nice skyhawk dorsal with nice colour and clean body without much irid but sadly i damaged his fin during changing the water. But he still a great breeder for me.
3 week older then the above male
 Just for show
Hope you guys like it :)
Super Red Halfmoon

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