Saturday, April 23, 2011

All going cheap!!!

It been so long that i didn't update my blog.
All is about 3 month..very young fishes. Ready for breed, sibling pairs could be available.
Black Copper Hmpk
3.5 month (Very Active)
$25 SOLD

Turquoise Hmpk A.K.A Green Dragon
Love this piece very much
$30 SOLD

Fancy Marble Butterfly Super Delta
Rare to get such piece.
$30 SOLD

Super Red HM Female
This is the first time i am going off my female bettas
Colour will become more red as it grow older, just 2.5 month still very young good for breeding.
As you all know female will be more expensive then the male. All below super red hm come from thailand.
$30 each

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