Friday, October 28, 2011

Extended Red HM & HMPK

 Albino Full Red 
High Quality x2 x1!
$10 each only
Females for making pairs can be available
Text or email
Albino Blue Tuxedo 
High Quality x3 x1!
$10 each only
Females for making pairs can be available
Text or email

My Red Army :D
Love his muscular body! pointing forward dorsal and also very dark red in colour there :)
Young and agreesive 4 months old ready to breed. Good quality females are available for making pairs
Do texts me or email me for prices can be sell individual or in pairs :)
My Precious WHITE!
Awesome body,finnage and CLEAN.
My show quality platinum white hmpk breeder. Reason why him? Broad pointing forward dorsal and ohmpk cadual and also broad ventral. Just love it! :P. Show quality females fulled with eggs is available for making pair :P
Do let me know if interested, email or text me for price :D
SOLD (Thanks to sam) :)

 Extended Red Hm
My new favourite of ALL TIME.
Super nice Skyhawk Dorsal. Well balanced development on both finnage and body love it!!!
But it's sad that the right ventral is missing. Nonetheless, it will be a great pet to keep.
Plan to give off for $100 for a pair. Or keep it for my own veiwing collection. :)
Love it so much so decided to take a few more shots, including video :D

Extended Red Hm
Good overall performance, but having slightly curl on the dorsal.Carrying Skyhawk gene. Young and aggressive and ready to breed. Just 3 months old :)
Highly recommended to use him to cross with hmpk to improve your hmpk colour(extended red) :)
$70   -  $25!

Super Red Hmpk Males
Great colour and very aggressive at it top form. Build thick bubble nest and ready to breed. Pair him up with any of the females below :)
$40 - $15 
SOLD  thanks to buyer :)

Super Red Hmpk Females
x3 x1
All the females are full with eggs :) and loves to eat haha. Very potential female(4 rays) choose any of them to pair with the male above :). 

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