Monday, October 24, 2011


  90% hatching rate BBS
Do note that this is unlike those you bought from local fish shop that had mixed with a lots of white salt. This is clean as you can see all are just bbs :)
50G for $20

Extended Red Skyhawk Dthm Female
Wow look at the dorsal haha this is one of my lovely dthm females nice finnage love it, willing to sell it out for. Good for breeder who seeking for improve their hm line and also to create new dt line :)
$70 :)

Please notice that this is a video, for mobile access please come back and have a look when you are using pc or desktop :)
Blue Grass Swallow Guppy 
This is a very gorgeous pair of blue grass, and it is show grade. The male is still growing and already show big broad dorsal. If interested do email or sms me for prices and also for pairs:) cheers. . Enjoys 

My Show Quality Moscow Black
Love my moscow black line all come out with grade B+ to A+ offspring :).
Interested do let me know via email or sms thanks :). Pairs can be available :)

Most Attractive of all times the ALBINO FULL RED
Interested do let me know via sms or email. Pairs can be available :)

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