Saturday, February 11, 2012

Red Hmpks

Two of my 2.5 months red hmpk males is ready for sale.
Growing very fast and healthy. Body, colour and finnage is just great enough.
Currently my favourite
  Reasons why it's my favourite is that. I love its body shape is ok , kinda symmetrical for me. Extremely aggressive going to post its video soon to show you guys. Enjoy!
Text 8816688 or email me is interested! :D

Bubble nest proved!
$35 only
Pair for $55
SOLD! Thanks to david lim :D

This is a great one, clean body, super red, broad dorsal as you can see at such a young age. Already reached 180 cadual spread at such a young stage. Very promising fish and also bubble nest proved!
Pair for $50

Pic of it after fed! :D

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