Friday, February 24, 2012

Red Hmpks

Clearance sell
$15 only with a bit of cadual torn :D

 Sent this fellow to the upcoming betta & guppy competition in dubai.
Reasons why i choose him. Fantastic finnage especially broad drosal fin. Muscular body, intense orange and clean with not much irid found. Wish him bring me some good result. Cheers :D

Giant Grizzle Hmpk Pair
$50 - $20
SOLD thanks to buyer :)

Clearance Sales
In order to clear off some of my bettas tanks for the new coming bettas to be jar. I will be selling off some of my young red hmpks for cheap prices :)
Bubble nest proved!

This is a symmtrical one intense red!
$15 only

 Super red hmpk
This is one looks clean and nice overall performance, aggressive and pointing forwards dorsal!
Redness will increase as they grow older!

 An example of the female for making pairs
ALL females will be just selling at $15! :)
Pic of this had been sold to Bryan thanks lot :D

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