Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Generation of my extended and super red skyhawk hms line

Red is always my first choice when comes to betta. The challenging part of dealing with red bettas is the irid that will grow on the fish's scales. I am going to show you guys my new generation of Skyhawk hm lines both extended and super red. Both this colour come from the same line.                                  

External Source(Skyhawk Super Red Sthm) x Bettahouse(Skyhawk Extended Red Dthm)

Male have very strong finnage with strong skyhawk dorsal and clean body(not much irid), while female in this pic doesn't shows its true extended red colour. But i choose her cause of the dt genes and also its extended red gene, well balanced dt finnage and muscular body. Will be expecting for nice hm with their offspring, should be producing me 60 and 40 percent chances of extended reds and super reds. This spawn is carried out on 18-12-2011.

9-3-2012 the fries is about 3 months old now and i'm very happy to see their results. I had received about 65 percent of super red and 35 percent of extended red both shows st and dt finnage, 30 plus males and 20 plus females. All is grow up healthy and no show high quality at such a young age. Below is some pic of the fries that i recently jarred more to come but been busy lately. Hope you guys enjoy and support me :P.

 This one loves to flare with always show top performance. Still developing :P

I love this one strong broad dorsal, broad ventral and 170 degree spread in just 2 months plus. Will grow more red as it grows.

Pic of it while flaring almost hit 180 degree at such a young age. Shows promising on it grades. Sorry for the blur.

Super Red Dthm, looks nice will be a nice one when it grows up at it got benefit on its double tail cadual :D.

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